Dear Members,

As the situation with the virus is changing quickly, we are having to continue to make changes to do our part in containing it. We are canceling all classes effective immediately for 2 weeks. Updates will follow as anything new comes to light. Again, starting tomorrow, March 17, there will be no classes for the next 2 weeks. We apologize for the late notice. This situation is new to us all and this decision has been a difficult one to make.

For now, the massage clinic remains open with normal business hours.


We want to still be here for you once this is over and would like your support.

MASSAGE MEMBERS – as always, your monthly investment will be in your account waiting to be spent on your massages at your leisure.

YOGA MEMBERS – if you decide to cancel, please keep in mind the 2 weeks’ notice policy does remain in effect.

For every member who keeps their membership active and supports the studio as we navigate this uncharted territory, we will offer double value by offering each of you a private 1 hour session to be used at anytime once our full schedule resumes.


We are working diligently to get set up to provide online classes for members by week’s end and for the duration of this time of social distancing.

Here are some suggestions for the heat lover’s home practice space:

-get a personal space heater

-turn on your shower to generate steam/or use a humidifier

As soon as we have the link for our streaming and recorded classes, we will email it to all members.


Let’s keep our yoga practice intact and our beautiful community together!