Pachi is our studio director with great passion for this practice. Being a fitness professional all her life. In 2001 she found Bikram Yoga and never stopped practicing. “I went to teacher training in 2001. Since then I have taught thousands of classes.In each one of them I learn more about how to effectively help students with the developing and unfolding their practice. My journey as teacher and student never ends. I love this practice, I love the community and I love teaching. I am passionate about the technique and I am excited about the student’s progress.”


David started practicing Bikram yoga in 1996. He attended teacher training in 2002. His devotion as a teacher has brought humility, compassion and patience to serve his students through their struggles and accomplishments. When not teaching David is a full time pastry chef, flamenco dancer and an amateur salt water aquarist.

Bikram Yoga is often seen as a healing experience for both the body and the mind. However, Elena Rabinovitch seeks to teach her students that it is so much more than that. As she uses the practice to strengthen her own control over her own multifaceted past experiences: those that weave through the corporate world, where she was a CPA; her home, where she is a wife and a mother of two; and her daily life, where she adjusts daily to the challenges of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Elena sees Bikram Yoga as a holistically healing experience. She believes that the practice will heal not only one’s body and mind, but if they are willing: their relationships, their outlook on life, their emotional strength, and whatever else her students will bring into the yoga studio.

My yoga journey began back when I was in college and also working a physical job. My shoulders and knees would hurt a lot… I was busy but I was stressed out, all the time. I was really lucky to find a studio nearby with such awesome teachers. It was one day, the story began, I was running some random errands and saw some cool people walking in a hot yoga studio. Looked cool, I thought. So I decided to give it a go. It was amazing. So hot. Near death experience hot. But they told me to just stay and breathe. I’m glad I did because at the end it was completely exhilarating. Melting into my towel and mat at the end, after all the asanas and breathing exercises, all my aches and pain disappeared. I felt I could focus better. I was instantly interested. How in the world did that work? What? It was like magic. I was amazed. Ever since, I’m continuously on the search to understand it. Every day I look forward to sharing and practicing what I learned from my teachers. I graduated Bikram Yoga Teacher Training class of Fall 2015, completed two Esak Garcia JFC trainings, several Mary Jarvis workshops, and hold bachelor’s of science from Florida International University.

Sheila Sager began her Bikram Yoga practice, June 2009, to rehabilitate her knee after having surgery.  She used Bikram Yoga as a tool  to restore full range of motion to her knee and noticed the physical and emotional benefits of the practice right away. She has always known deep in her heart, that her purpose in life is to help people heal themselves. After completing her Teacher Training in the spring of 2010 she immediately became a full-time Bikram teacher. Since then she has earned certifications in Health Coaching, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, PyroPilates, Pregnancy, Advanced and Intermediate Series from the Bikram Yoga lineage.
Having healed her body from injuries ranging from a meniscus tear to ruptured and herniated discs and sciatica, Sheila believes in using yoga and proper holistic health education to improve mind, body and spirit. Every day brings a new experience.  Sharing the incredible health benefits of Yoga and Pilates is fulfilling to Sheila. She loves her yoga life and takes joy in watching people grow as they practice.