Lypossage™ with Stephanie Miller


Lypossage™ is a non-invasive, natural health treatment that helps to cleanse the body of toxins and retained fluids. It is a combination of both lymphatic drainage & myofascial release techniques. Most clients find that Lypossage enhances their energy and mental clarity. While there are some contraindications for specific medical conditions, Lypossage can be safely experienced by most individuals. It is much safer than surgical procedures such as liposuction. However, for those who opt for a more dramatic surgical result, Lypossage can be very beneficial before and after the liposuction procedure.

Lypossage facilitates the cleasing of stagnant, stalled lymphatic fluid that can create the lumps and bumps we know as figure imbalances. The deeper Lypossage strokes break up adhesions under the skin that can contribute to the dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite. Lypossage also tones the muscles, lifting and firming sagging tissue. Lypossage is performed on the hips, thighs, and lower abdomen (Zone 1), as well as the upper body, including the arms (Zone 2) and the face, and neck (Zone 3).

Each Lypossage™ lasts approximately 30 minutes per zone and is performed in a series of 18-sessions over the course of 4-8 weeks. (2-4 treatment sessions per week.) Treatment sessions are based on zones. You may wish to treat multiple zones during a single session. You will start to feel a difference almost immediately, but it may take 8-10 sessions before the results become measurable. After that the progress can be quite dramatic.
Maintenance programs will be customized to meet your needs and may include a home care protocol and monthly or bi-monthly maintenance treatments.

 Zone 1: Hips, Thighs, Buttocks & Lower Abdomen

• Diminishes the appearance of cellulite in areas that tend to be problematic.
• Improve muscle & skin tone
• Affect posture & structure
• Feel better in your body
• Loss in dimension is typical

 Zone 2: Upper Abdomen, Back, Decollette & Arms

• Improve your posture.
• Dimension loss in arms and abdomen is typical.
• Natural firming of bust area.
• Improve circulation and lymphatic flow to the upper body.
• It feels great

Zone 3: Face, Neck & Head

• Lift and Tone Sagging tissue in your face & Neck with dramatic results.
• Diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
• Improve skin tone & texture.
• Treatment is like a natural facelift.


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