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"To bring about positive transformations in body and mind we must understand the energy, prana, through which they work."

Yoga Classes

Your All-Access Pass to Yoga in studio or online. Suitable for All Levels & Goals. We will embrace Your Strength, Stretch Your Body & Breathe Easy. Motivational workouts. Fitness adapted to you. Feel Fit & Energized.

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Massage Clinic

Your body needs maintenance just like everything else. Keep it in top shape with a massage. We use a mixture of techniques including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Stretching, and Therapeutic Massage.

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Teacher’s Training

Learn All the Aspects of Yoga Teacher Training and the Skills Needed to Become a Teacher. Join an Active and Engaging Community. Get Fully Certified Online on In Studio to Teach Yoga Today!

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Special Pricing

First time to our studio, enjoy our introductory specials.

Prana's Amazing Team

Our team is here to provide exceptional service either on the mat or on a massage table


  • I have been taking private classes with Pachi consistently and my practice has improved incredibly. Pachi is attentive and attune to my postures and practice. She knows when and how to improve them. She knows where to make the adjustments. Pachi understand the human body and the structure of the body. She is an amazing person, kind and generous and a fun and easy person to be with. I highly recommend anyone considering practicing one-on-one with her!

  • After some stressful weeks I decided to treat myself. Since I am relatively new in town didn't want to spend much on it without exploring a bit more the area . Went to Groupon and find a great deal, days passes I did not put any high expectations on it. Booking was done smoothly and I got a confirmation call day before . Day arrived ! I was greet and received prompt by my amazing masseuse name John (little did I know at that moment) Entrance to building was super clean and plenty of parking space. This place was implacable ! Enough said John gave me one of the best massage of my life ! Groupon deal also returns you $30 for your next service , I booked in a blink of an eye on my way out. I recommend this place, can't wait to go back !

  • I purchased a groupon for Birkam yoga and attended my first 75 minute hot yoga class. The groupon was spot on with price. The building/studio was very nice and clean. I've only practiced yoga at home with YouTube videos, so this was my first "real" experience. As soon as I walked into the studio, I was engulfed with heat. Within only 5 minutes, I was in a full on sweat. The instructor did talk a bit fast for me to understand, however; the other students were good leaders for me. The class was great and I am definitely looking forward to my next class.

  • I’ve been practicing for 9 years. Absolutely the best gift I’ve ever given my body and mind. Pachi and her instructors are the best and I’ve been lucky enough to practice with dozens of different instructors. If you really want to get the most out of your practice, try a few private sessions with Pachi. She will take into account your experience, body type and injuries( of which I have many) to: get you to your fullest expression of each posture, teach you how to enter and exit each posture and show you what you should be reaching for next. I found out: as thorough as the class dialogue is there are many more facets to each posture, I wasn’t doing what I thought I was and if you had any “easy or “resting” postures, they disappear, there is no such thing. The intensity and benefits gained from your practice will improve many times over. Very difficult in the beginning but also very satisfying. There is no way I could be as active as I am and have the quality of life I do without doing this. So treat yourself to a few privates with Pachi. There couldn’t be a better time to do it and you won’t regret it.

  • Amazing hot yoga studio with awesome teachers! Have been practicing at Prana for 2 years now and can’t imagine going anywhere else.

  • By far I had the best time experience coming here , Rebecca is amazing , and the issues in my left upper back are so much better , the environment is calm and is a very clean place , super recommended

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