Join Kelly Stern and Paul Izak for a live music Vinyasa experience

A Live Music Experience w/ Kelly Stern & Paul Izak 
May 7th 6:30-8pm
Let YOUR Inner Garden Grow:
Our own experience is unique to each of us, just like a seed that is planted in the garden. By cultivating ourselves, we are able to nurture our individual “seed” to create our own reality.  Together we will bloom through our practice moving slowly and with awareness to open, expand, and blossom in our hearts.
This class will begin with a guided meditation & visualization. Together we will move through all areas of the body.  The class style will be predominately a vinyasa style class, moving slowly and with awareness.  The class will explore deep hip opening and come to an end with restorative poses to let the body soften and open to new possibilities. 
Kelly & Paul are visiting from the Hawaiian Islands to share a yogic experience where each individual can explore the synergy of their own personal practice with uplifting nature of story and musical vibration. 
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